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Financial Distress Triggered by the Impact of the Coronavirus - Tip Sheet for Financial Sponsor Appointed Directors in the US

The economic challenges brought about by the sudden and wide-ranging economic impact of the coronavirus have resulted in boards facing unprecedented situations and challenges ahead. Directors, irrespective of whether appointed by a financial sponsor or other stakeholder, need to act in accordance with their fiduciary duties, as determined by, among other things, the laws of a corporation's state of incorporation and a corporation's governing documents.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

European M&A: Transatlantic Perspectives on Deal Certainty

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on targets resulted in counterparties analyzing whether they were still obliged to complete transactions that had signed or able to renegotiate price. As financial sponsors and strategic acquirers in Europe considered their options, certain buyers in the U.S. decided to fast-track their thinking and moved to walk away.

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Litigation Funding

Liquidity and Alternatives: Exiting alternative positions for LPs

The COVID-19 pandemic initially wiped significant value from public markets across the world (in some cases, resulting in double digit losses). While the public markets have somewhat bounced back since the initial COVID-19 downturn, some investors are still seeing their portfolios become disproportionately skewed or weighted towards alternatives which have not been revalued (commonly referred to as “the denominator effect”).

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