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Latin America Power Drive: Projects abound as energy players near and far pitch for a piece of fast-changing markets

Latin American energy markets are a source of tremendous opportunity, and no small amount of complexity, for international project developers and investors. The Mexican hydrocarbon and electricity markets have burst open after generations of government control, and wind, solar and hydro projects...

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A Surge in Demand: Weakness in Europe and Asia piques investor interest in LatAm project finance

MCC: Clifford Chance boasts a top-ranked Latin America practice and is handling some of the most interesting, high-profile projects in the region. What are you hearing from clients engaged in the region? Longhin: We are getting clear signals that demand is growing for project investment...

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Making Great Deals in Latin America: The art of successful transactions in a dynamic region

MCC: What is the current appetite among your U.S. clients for engaging in transactions in Latin America? Wippler: It depends on the country. In many parts of Latin America it's declined due to economic challenges in some countries and political concerns in Mexico and others. Generally...

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