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Doing Business With Uncle Sam: Maintaining intellectual property in government contracting can be tricky

We asked Daniel Kelly and Bonnie Vanzler, who have a combined nearly four decades of experience representing companies that do business directly with the federal government or are somewhere along the government contract supply chain, about the hot issues in government contracting and what a new...

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Government Contracts

Government Contractors Face Enhanced Enforcement: But opportunities abound for companies willing to confront risks and requirements others do not face

Let’s start with the good news. Companies that do business with the government often reap substantial rewards. The bad news is that they must do so in a souped up enforcement environment most others businesses do not face. Todd Steggerda and Edwin Childs know their way around the government-...

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False Claims Act

The Flipside of Federal Contracts: Pursue government bids fully aware of the complications and compliance nuances

The federal government can provide a large and lucrative line of business, but not without significant risk. Alexander Major and Franklin Turner of McCarter & English caution companies regarding the growing trend toward contract-related claims, how False Claims Acts penalties are affecting...

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