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Expanding Roles and Comfort Zones: How Corporate Counsel Can Meet Data Imperatives Head-On

As corporate data imperatives converge and evolve, corporate legal professionals are increasingly called upon to engage with a growing list of stakeholders to advise on everything from technology, security, and workflows to defensibility. The proliferation of often overlapping data initiatives and the tools and solutions to address them can sometimes seem overwhelming.


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GCs to Law Firms: “This is my career.”

Michael Rynowecer talks about what he’s learned from 30 years of interviewing corporate clients and shifts he’s seen in the industry.

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Getting Ready for the California Consumer Privacy Act

Bethany Lukitsch of McGuireWoods runs down what the new regulations mean for companies based in California and beyond.

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SEC Proposes a Principles-Based Advertising Rule for the Way Investment Advisers Live Now

In a recent briefing from Clifford Chance, a look is taken at newly proposed SEC amendments to update the Advertising Rule more than fifty years after the introduction of the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. The modernized revamp seeks to make it relevant to a 21st century industry.

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Citigroup and Bank of America join Morgan Stanley in disclosing GHG emissions from loans and investments

Citi and Bank of America announce they will join the Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials, a global framework for financial institutions to measure and disclose the emissions from their lending and investment portfolios. Last week, Morgan Stanley became the first global U.S. bank to commit to this initiative.

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FisherBroyles welcomes marine JAG, business strategist and litigator, Justin Nahama, in Los Angeles

FisherBroyles, LLP announces Justin S. Nahama has joined the Firm in Los Angeles.

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Akin Gump's Lacy Lawrence is selected to be American Bar Foundation fellow

Akin Gump litigation partner Lacy Lawrence has been selected as a fellow by the American Bar Foundation.

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DRI hires two new executives

DRI, The Voice of the Defense Bar, has appointed Sean Dolan as the association’s new Executive Vice President of Operations and General Counsel, and Wendy Merrill as Executive Vice President of Growth Strategy and Branding. This follows the appointment of Dean Martinez as CEO earlier in the year.

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Thomson Reuters introduces Westlaw Edge UK

Thomson Reuters is introducing Westlaw Edge UK, its next-generation legal research system for the UK market. Westlaw Edge UK is built upon the foundation of more than 200 years of legal content. Powered by the legal industry expertise and leading technology of Thomson Reuters, it delivers an innovative new set of features that allows users to stay ahead of regulatory change and navigate the legal divergence with the EU.

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