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Lessons From the Coaching Launch: The X Factor

The connections between sports and the working world are far from tenuous. In fact, there are many overlaps. For example, from a management perspective, the role of the coach and the general counsel are very similar when it comes to leading their teams. A coach must be a teacher, mentor and counselor, leading by example, actively listening and communicating effectively, and setting expectations. Sound familiar?

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Career Development

Continuous Professional and Personal Development Rewards All Involved

Tara Jones, legal services manager for Verizon Media, began her career as a billing consultant and successfully transitioned to become the manager of the company’s entire e-discovery process. Here, she discusses the attributes and advice that helped her advance in her career, as well as what others can do to chart a similar path.

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Career Development

Dig Deep, Work Hard, Be Flexible

Akin Gump partner, Cynthia Mabry, on committing to success.

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