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CCBJ Perspectives: Diversity, Inclusion and Non-Linear Career Paths

Host Kristin Calve is joined by Lucy Fato, AIG’s leader of global legal compliance and regulatory groups, and Maria Eberle, managing partner with Baker McKenzie, for an in-depth conversation on the commitment to diversity, the need for inclusion at every level of corporations and the value of non-linear career paths.

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Career Development

CCBJ Perspectives: The Balance of Business and Law with Ana Salas Siegel, EVP and General Counsel for NBC Universal Telemundo Enterprises

Host Kristin Calve is joined by Ana Salas Siegel, executive vice president and general counsel for NBC Universal Telemundo Enterprises, in a conversation on the intersection of business and law, the spirit of her work ethic and career and how she balances risk management with furthering the goals of her own corporation.

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Career Development

Lessons From the Coaching Launch: The X Factor

The connections between sports and the working world are far from tenuous. In fact, there are many overlaps. For example, from a management perspective, the role of the coach and the general counsel are very similar when it comes to leading their teams. A coach must be a teacher, mentor and counselor, leading by example, actively listening and communicating effectively, and setting expectations. Sound familiar?

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