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Privilege and Work Product Protection for Corporate Investigations After Clark Hill: Part I

In this entry of his Privilege Points series, McGuireWoods partner, Thomas Spahn, explores the large Detroit-based law firm of Clark Hill that recently lost its effort to protect as attorney-client privileged and work product doctrine-protected its own investigation into its own data breach.

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The Fascinating Work Product Implications of Surveillance Videos

In his latest privilege point, McGuireWoods partner Thomas Spahn explains how lawyers representing insurance companies and others sometimes seek evidence that plaintiffs claiming injuries, disability, etc., are faking it.

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Court Gets the Diversity Case Choice of Law Analysis Right: Part II

In his last privilege point, McGuireWoods partner Thomas Spahn described a wise Connecticut court's recognition that federal courts sitting in diversity should not automatically apply their host jurisdiction's privilege law — but instead apply their host jurisdiction's choice of law principles when determining applicable privilege law. Here, he picks up where he left off.

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