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Way Back Wednesday Feature: Slash Document Review Costs - Get More Than Just an Adequate Production

This webcast explores OpenText as they detail the process of combining TAR with advanced analytic techniques and to make document review even more cost-effective.

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Legal Tech

The Enterprise Data Mapping Endeavor

Data Mapping is crucial to identify information risk. It provides insight into how data moves throughout the organization. Regulations such as GDPR and Virginia's CDPA give consumers the right to access, correct, delete and/or obtain a copy of their personal data. Without an organizational data map, companies will struggle to provide a secure and reliable method by which consumers can access these rights.

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How to Choose the Right E-discovery and Data Analytics Firm

Caitlin Fila, manager of discovery services consulting at iDiscovery Solutions, discusses the firm's "fast-food drive-thru" approach of their Discovery Services Consulting team and offers examples of how different the outcomes can be when working with e-discovery vendors that follow more of the "fast-food" approach vs. the "sit-down restaurant" approach.

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