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Civil Justice

Civil Justice Playbook: Delaware's Lawsuit Climate Gets Chillier

What do you think of when someone says Delaware? For many people, one word comes to mind: business. That’s where numerous companies are incorporated. If they didn’t already have “First State” on their license plate (Delaware was first to sign the U.S. Constitution), they...

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Lessen the Tax Bite When Selling a Business: Strategies to maximize cash out and avoid raising red flags with the IRS

When a business is sold, both the buyer and the seller endeavor to walk away with as much cash on hand as possible. The seller hopes to reap the rewards of years of hard work; the buyer hopes to secure enough cash to keep building the business. But often, lurking tax liabilities can get in the way...

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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Built for Speed: Delaware streamlines arbitration of business disputes

Delaware recently enacted legislation that will make substantial changes to how arbitration of business disputes may be conducted. The Delaware Rapid Arbitration Act (the “DRAA”), 10 Del. C. Ch. 58, addresses the major issues currently occurring in how business disputes are arbitrated...

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