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Litigation Funding

Liquidity and Alternatives: Exiting alternative positions for LPs

The COVID-19 pandemic initially wiped significant value from public markets across the world (in some cases, resulting in double digit losses). While the public markets have somewhat bounced back since the initial COVID-19 downturn, some investors are still seeing their portfolios become disproportionately skewed or weighted towards alternatives which have not been revalued (commonly referred to as “the denominator effect”).

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SEC Proposes a Principles-Based Advertising Rule for the Way Investment Advisers Live Now

In a recent briefing from Clifford Chance, a look is taken at newly proposed SEC amendments to update the Advertising Rule more than fifty years after the introduction of the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. The modernized revamp seeks to make it relevant to a 21st century industry.

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Real Estate

The Globalization of the Real Estate Investor: Innovative REIT and REIT-like structures spread across jurisdictions

MCC: To help get our discussion started, could one of you give a broad overview of Clifford Chance's work in the real estate sector? Wisner: Our work in the real estate sector covers all classes of commercial real estate – office, retail, multifamily, mixed use, hotels, casino resorts...

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