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A Litigation Funder Launches an Unprecedented Patent Licensing Subsidiary With Adam Gill of GLS Capital with Host Richard Levick of LEVICK

Adam Gill, a founder and Managing Director of GLS Capital, who sits on the Investment and Portfolio Committees and leads all patent litigation investments, joins host Richard Levick of LEVICK to discuss their groundbreaking deal to provide a patent licensing subsidiary for ASUSTek Computer, Inc. — a Taiwanese multinational computer and phone hardware and electronics company.

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Liquidity and Alternatives: Exiting alternative positions for LPs

The COVID-19 pandemic initially wiped significant value from public markets across the world (in some cases, resulting in double digit losses). While the public markets have somewhat bounced back since the initial COVID-19 downturn, some investors are still seeing their portfolios become disproportionately skewed or weighted towards alternatives which have not been revalued (commonly referred to as “the denominator effect”).

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