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Class Action

Securities Class Action Lawsuits are Booming, so Why are Billions of Dollars Left Behind?

Class action lawsuits are soaring in number in the United States and overseas. And, as you would imagine, so is their complexity.

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As Opioid Suits Loom, Now’s the Time to Act on D&O Insurance

Coverage for opioid exposures remains relatively untested, with existing case law increasing the uncertainty.

Litigation related to to the opioid crisis is on the rise, and now corporate shareholders are entering the fray. In recent months, shareholders have brought a number of lawsuits...

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Food & Beverage

Slack-Fill Litigation Heats Up

Food and beverage companies should evaluate packaging sizes now.

You know the feeling when you open a family-size box of candy – that you are not planning to share – and find it only about half full? Sure, the weight of the box and the pronounced rattle that could only be possible with...

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