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Board of Directors

Top 10 Topics for Directors in 2019

CCBJ takes a look at Akin Gump’s annual list of issues and topics that will get significant attention in corporate boardrooms this year, drawn from the full report and edited for length and style. For more details, visit

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Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)

The 10b5-1 Plan: What Executives Need to Know

The rules surrounding insider trading are among the trickiest for executives to navigate. One popular tool is the 10b5-1 plan, which can offer a safe way for executives to trade shares of their companies.

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Ownership Intelligence – A Smarter Approach to Investor Management

As soon as companies go public, they face a pivotal choice about how to manage their shareholders. Some companies utilize ownership intelligence to take proactive control of their shareholder development, growing their investor base by understanding who trades their shares and why. Others...

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