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Department of Justice (DOJ)

Risks to Companies Arising from the Growing Focus on Executive Prosecutions

For a second consecutive year, Metropolitan Corporate Counsel is hosting a global roundtable series on Global Risk. We have invited longtime patron Clifford Chance to co-host three dinners with us, provide subject-matter expertise and help facilitate discussions with this year's group of 12...

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Disrupting Whistleblowers: Data analytics speed investigations and deliver preemptive solutions

MCC: In keeping up with data volumes and the constant evolution of available technologies, companies and professionals involved in the world of e-discovery are recognizing the need to take a more proactive approach to corporate data. How does information governance fit into this picture? Kelly...

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Balancing Patient Care With Whistleblower Liability Concerns

Editor: What do you credit for the recent uptick in whistleblower cases relating to the healthcare sector? Kierkut: I believe that there are two major reasons for the uptick. The first is that there is a big increase in the number of hospitals merging in the healthcare industry and that has...

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