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Adapting to the Steady Elimination of “Silent Cyber” Coverage

As insurance companies continue to look for ways to absolve themselves of liability for cyber-related losses, it is imperative that in-house counsel be well informed about all possible avenues of indemnity for their company.

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Dispatches From OpenText's 2019 Enfuse Conference

Cybersecurity, legal and digital forensics experts gathered to discuss security in a zero-trust world.

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Can Reducing Risk Be Bad for Us? Yes, If Your Rules Lack Flexibility

Charlie Platt, Director of Data Analytics for iDS, resumes his Ethical Hacker column with a piece on how reducing cyber risk can get in the way of your business – that is, if your rules lack flexibility. The best way to implement successful cyber risk programs without hurting your business, he says, is to design them to adapt to dynamic business requirements by providing an approved exception process.

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