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A Brave New World: Top 10 Topics for Directors in 2021

The world has changed a lot since Akin Gump's 2020 Top 10 Topics for Directors report. A global pandemic; an ongoing reckoning on race, inequality and social justice; a climate crisis; an economic shock; and increased political polarization have created challenging dynamics for companies and boards globally. This report delves into these wide-ranging issues and offers insight on how directors and management must proactively embrace their stewardship roles in this brave new world.

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Deepfakes Bring New Privacy and Cybersecurity Concerns

Advances in technology have created several new software tools that allow for the creation of fabricated content. These “deepfakes” may represent a social media phenomenon today, however, they will inevitably go beyond that status and become a feature in litigation, both civil and criminal.

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Adapting to the Steady Elimination of “Silent Cyber” Coverage

As insurance companies continue to look for ways to absolve themselves of liability for cyber-related losses, it is imperative that in-house counsel be well informed about all possible avenues of indemnity for their company.

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