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Maximize Your Legal Operations With Contract Lifecycle Management Software

With CobbleStone Contract Insight® contract lifecycle management (CLM) software, you can take control of your contracts and legal operations. Discover how user-friendly contract management software can effectively assist your organization with managing contracts and committals - including organizing your contracts in a searchable database, receiving email and calendar alerts for key dates, tracking financials, improving cycle times with automated workflows, signing efficiently with IntelliSign® eSignature software and other eSign connectors, authoring contracts from pre-approved templates and clauses, extracting data with IntelliXtract™, running advanced reports, and much more. In this Tech Tuesday webcast, discover how contract management software, backed by VISDOM® artificial intelligence with machine learning, can optimize your organization’s contracts - as it can provide you with better governance over your organization’s contracts within a user-friendly legal CLM platform. See why thousands of legal professionals around the globe rely on CLM software to streamline their legal operations.

Distinctive Reputations: Build a Reputation Your Internal Partners Trust

There has never been a better time to transform your legal team into a human-friendly business partner. In this day and age, business lines are increasingly integrated, global and complex. Now more than ever, legal teams need to define their purpose beyond legal advisors and serve as an ally to the business. Ready to build your positive reputation? We can help! Register Today!

New Research: What Legal Executives are Looking for in 2022

According to the recently published Association of Corporate Counsel’s CLO/GC Report, in-house legal executives are expected to rapidly increase hiring rates for legal professionals in 2022-2023. The question becomes for you, “What are these hiring legal executives looking for in paralegals, attorneys and other legal professionals? Watch this webcast to find out and hear our expert panel discuss data-driven trends and insights from ACC’s 2022 Chief Legal Officers Report, which surveyed over 800 legal executives, on where legal departments are going and what they are looking for in their teams.

Leveraging Legal Analytics as a Competitive Advantage in State Trial Courts

Join the Corporate Counsel Business Journal and Trellis for an engaging webinar as we cover how legal analytics enables you to analyze the behavior and history of your judge, competitive counsel, prospects and clients to gain crucial insights into litigation history and ruling tendencies.


In Flex: Utilizing Hybrid Solutions for Today’s E-discovery Challenges

Supporting e-discovery needs at scale requires new ways of working and thinking. Along with the right team and workflows, having a technology solution that offers the flexibility to meet the needs of the varied matters you encounter is critical. In this discussion, experts will explore the growing need for hybrid models—supporting both DIY and full-service needs—and how to operationalize such an approach, and will talk through practical considerations when transitioning to new solutions.

Tips for Improving Your Legal Team’s Productivity and Collaboration Securely

Watch this webcast to discover strategies, best practices, and key technologies to help you maximize efficiency and operate more effectively, all while positioning your legal department for the modern workplace.