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Blockchain: Emerging Disruptive Paradigm or a Solution in Search of a Problem?

This webinar discusses blockchain technology, its anticipated widespread applications and implications, and the development in its progeny, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies and digital securities.

Tech Tuesday Demo

The Future of Engaging Outside Counsel

In-house teams are under pressure to reduce outside counsel spend and deliver budget certainty. The challenge is in the 'how'.

Litigation Holds

New Guidelines For Managing Legal Holds: A Primer on the Law, the Guidelines and Best Practices

Legal departments have struggled with managing legal holds and preserving evidence from hundreds or thousands of custodians over time spans that could last for years. A poorly executed hold can result in business disruption, unnecessary costs and spoliation.


Bring Budget Predictability to Litigation and Investigation with Legal Intelligence

While technologies and processes continue to evolve, the economics of litigation and investigations remain largely unchanged with costs spiraling upwards. Legal service providers are not incentivized to tackle the main driver of cost: the exponential growth of data. Savvy businesses have successfully moved law firms away from the billable hour. This should be the case for other litigation service providers as well. Instead, many law departments still struggle to gain visibility and control over their litigation and investigations budgets.


How Investigations and Discovery Are Being Transformed by Digital Breadcrumbs

What are digital breadcrumbs and why should you (and your company) care about them? Digital breadcrumbs are the user event metadata artifacts we leave behind when we interact with technology. Examples can include system login date/times, browser search history, and call durations for mobile device communications. 

Legal Operations

Decision-Making – How Does Your Legal Department Compare?

Across legal departments, there is great deal of discussion about “maturity models” and becoming more operationally mature. LexisNexis CounselLink’s maturity model is unique and focuses on improving how key decisions get made in the legal department.