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Corporate Counsel

Expanding Roles and Comfort Zones: How Corporate Counsel Can Meet Data Imperatives Head-On

As corporate data imperatives converge and evolve, corporate legal professionals are increasingly called upon to engage with a growing list of stakeholders to advise on everything from technology, security, and workflows to defensibility. The proliferation of often overlapping data initiatives and the tools and solutions to address them can sometimes seem overwhelming.

Corporate Counsel

Legal Leadership in the Next New Normal, An Interview with Ralph Baxter

Ralph Baxter, leading Strategic Advisor to Law Firms and Former Chairman & CEO of Orrick, discusses how firm leaders should be doing to lead, manage and learn.

Artificial Intelligence

Re-envisioning the Corporate E-Discovery Playbook

Explore a new interpretation of the e-discovery playbook, one that converges with other data management imperatives, such as data privacy, and that includes ways in which automated AI-enabled processes and other technologies may be able to maximize efficiencies and reduce costs and risks.


Making the Business Case for a Contract Lifecycle Management Solution

How contract lifecycle management (CLM) solutions address risk mitigation and profit optimization from contract authoring through to obligation management.

Career Development

THRIVE: Eat, Sleep, Exercise, REPEAT – Self-Care for the COVID-19 and Post-COVID-19 World

With the combination of the power-charged life in the legal ecosystem and a global pandemic, self-care is paramount.