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How to Manage an Internal Investigation

This webinar will help attendees gain a better understanding of how to conduct successful investigations that are quickly initiated, promptly completed, fairly evaluated, and compliant with legal requirements. Attendees will walk away with a series of best practices for conducting fast, defensible internal investigations.


Preservation and Collection Best Practices for a Global Workforce

Learn how much information can be pulled from corporate devices and better understand the tools, techniques and strategies available to legal investigators.


Unclaimed Property: Audits, Policies and Procedures

Many companies struggle with policies and procedures related to unclaimed property. John Buonomo, Senior Vice President, Issuer and Investor Services of AST, discusses issues impacting audit outcomes, what is covered in the audit and share insights around best practices.


Blockchain: Emerging Disruptive Paradigm or a Solution in Search of a Problem?

This webinar discusses blockchain technology, its anticipated widespread applications and implications, and the development in its progeny, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies and digital securities.

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The Future of Engaging Outside Counsel

In-house teams are under pressure to reduce outside counsel spend and deliver budget certainty. The challenge is in the 'how'.

Litigation Holds

New Guidelines For Managing Legal Holds: A Primer on the Law, the Guidelines and Best Practices

Legal departments have struggled with managing legal holds and preserving evidence from hundreds or thousands of custodians over time spans that could last for years. A poorly executed hold can result in business disruption, unnecessary costs and spoliation.