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Best Practices and Identifying Risk: The Defensible Legal Hold

Join Joan Fox as she discusses how Galaxy, Legal Suite's software solution, can help establish or simplify a defensible legal hold process at your organization!

Data Privacy Implications of Cloud-Based Social Collaboration Apps

An array of cloud-based workplace collaboration tools and messaging applications have become standard inside organizations around the globe. Yet many companies are unable to control the growth, management and discovery of the data within these applications.

LEGAL OPS LEADERSHIP: Alternative Legal Service Providers

2019 Forensics Update and System Tuning for Investigations

Investigations are a necessity. Whether you have an employee investigation or data breach investigation, nothing will impede your efforts like a dearth of information to work with. The “default” settings used on Windows PC’s often does not provide enough information for a thorough digital investigation. However, this can be remedied with just a few tweaks.

LEGAL OPS LEADERSHIP - Change Management: Assessment & Action

During this one hour webcast, Alan Bryan, Senior Associate General Counsel for Walmart and Darren Guy, Global Head of Legal Operations for AIG, discuss strategies for managing change in the law department.

Data Analytics

Brainspace: The Industry’s Most Intuitive Investigative Analytics Platform

By 2025, governments, corporations and individuals will have accumulated 175 zettabytes of data. The amount of data in the world is growing at a 61% compound annual rate. Combine this exponential data growth with the rapid deployment of platforms designed to create and share information online and the challenge becomes clear. How do you quickly and accurately analyze this ever-growing mountain of data for internal investigations, in response to regulator requests for information or to assess your firm’s legal risk as it relates to litigation?