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Betting on the Future of the Casino Industry

Frank Donaghue, Of Counsel with McNees Wallace & Nurick, discusses the effects of COVID-19 on the casino gaming industry, and how his work in the public and private sectors prepared him for a career in compliance.

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Preparing for the Next Hotel Industry Downturn: How lenders, managers and franchisors can protect their interests

As we enter 2017, there are contrary predictions on expectations for the hospitality industry. Expectations remain high for hotel performance generally[1]. Yet, questions remain about the potential substantial default rate on over $100 billion in loan maturities, particularly for securitized...

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Hospitality Industry Should Welcome Web Accessibility: Compliance can be challenging, but the gains can be significant

The hospitality industry is ever more dependent on the internet and mobile applications. Websites and apps are now the primary face that a hospitality provider presents to the world, and to their guests and customers until they are physically present. Loyalty programs are increasingly web and app...

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