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Department of Justice (DOJ)

Risks to Companies Arising from the Growing Focus on Executive Prosecutions

For a second consecutive year, Metropolitan Corporate Counsel is hosting a global roundtable series on Global Risk. We have invited longtime patron Clifford Chance to co-host three dinners with us, provide subject-matter expertise and help facilitate discussions with this year's group of 12...

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Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)

Where to Find Help When Investigations Go Global: A new book particularly aims to help practitioners involved in cross-border investigations

In January, Global Investigations Review published “The Practitioner’s Guide to Global Investigations.” The impetus was to help lawyers deal with the tricky issues associated with cross-border investigations – particularly those involving the United States and the United...

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Global Compliance Panel: Insights Of Four Former Prosecutors

Driver: I’d like to start by introducing our distinguished panel, all of whom are partners with Clifford Chance and formerly served as federal prosecutors. They have deep experience with international compliance regimes and the investigations that accompany them. Today’s panelists are...

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Social Media Roundtable: Privacy Issues And Courtroom Implications

Editor: In what ways has social media altered the definition of privacy (and the reasonable expectation thereof), and how do you imagine it evolving going forward? Clark: The prevalence of social media has blurred the line between what information is public and private as well as the line...

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Intellectual Property

Speaking Confidentially: Tips For Protecting Trade Secrets And Other Confidential Business Information

With apologies to Jane Austen, it is a truth universally acknowledged that every company possesses information that it wants to keep out of its competitors' hands. Whether that information is a list of customers or clients; a strategic plan or business practice; pricing information; or...

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