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GCs Hold Frank Discussion Around Crisis and Reputation Risk

As part of a 2016 series examining global risk, Metropolitan Corporate Counsel convened a roundtable dinner on June 16 at Eleven Madison Park in New York to discuss issues related to crisis and reputational risks. It was the second of four planned dinners on the broader topic of global risk that...

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DOJ Takes Aim at Individuals: A quest to uncover violations of criminal law that purportedly occurred during the 2007-2008 financial crisis

Notwithstanding the recent series of record-breaking settlements between the Department of Justice (DOJ) and many of the world’s largest financial institutions[1], the DOJ has now set its sights on investigating individuals – pursuant to a civil statute – in a quest to uncover...

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Global Compliance Panel: Insights Of Four Former Prosecutors

Driver: I’d like to start by introducing our distinguished panel, all of whom are partners with Clifford Chance and formerly served as federal prosecutors. They have deep experience with international compliance regimes and the investigations that accompany them. Today’s panelists are...

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