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The Ethical Hacker: Can We Talk About Safety, for a Change?

I really enjoyed the Enfuse conference in May (three days devoted to security and digital investigations). In fact, this was my first time attending, and I didn’t know exactly what to expect. I was impressed by both the sessions and the content provided. In the technical realm, the session on...

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Bringing E-Discovery In-House: It can make sense, but a legal department should carefully assess how much to do

There was a lot of talk this year at LegalTech about corporate legal departments bringing e-discovery in-house. The purported justifications for doing so are many, ranging from reduced costs and risks to increased control, efficiency and compliance. However, since the e-discovery lifecycle is very...

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Information Governance Insights: Preserving and Collecting Structured Electronic Data Is Tricky

Today’s litigators are keenly aware of the need to effectively preserve electronically stored information (ESI) when new legal matters arise. And dealing with various types of unstructured data such as user-created documents and email messages has become quite routine. But preserving and...

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