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The Ethical Hacker: Technically Speaking, Cybersecurity Isn’t About Speaking Technically

These days cybersecurity seems to be all about technology. Pen testing, firewalls, port scanning, SIEM, zero-day, IPS, AES256, SHA, DMZ, NIDS, TLS, SS7 – I’ll stop. I could go on, but you get the idea. And I have a vested interest in keeping your attention. Acronyms and...

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The Ethical Hacker: Field Notes: Leveraging IoT Data Isn’t a Budget Killer

Like many, I attended LegalTech Jan. 31 – Feb. 2 and enjoyed catching up with old friends while seeing new, emerging technologies. Did you see the car forensics kit being offered by Berla? That was pretty cool and something I am definitely going to keep an eye on. One of the things I...

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How to Design Document Reviews To Cut Costs: it all starts with building the right workflow

Introduction: Aaron Fluss, the National Director of Managed Review for FRONTEO, talks about the value of creativity during document review and explains why, despite an explosion of data – and costs related to corralling all that data – technology can’t replace the human touch...

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