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Caveat Emptor – Did You Just Buy Constructive Knowledge of a Defect?

The discovery rule in construction defect cases may sound straightforward, but it can be an amorphous concept.

The issues faced by purchasers of existing properties can be daunting, with concerns about financing, return on investment and building quality coming to the fore. However, purchasers...

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How the Cloud and Mobile Devices Have Changed Discovery

Seyfarth Shaw’s Robert Milligan and iDS’s Jim Vaughn look at discovery and digital forensics in the age of the cloud.

CCBJ: Why is cloud computing so important in discovery and digital forensics?

Jim Vaughn: Creating and storing data in the cloud is for the most part a cheaper...

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Civil Justice Playbook: To Change the Discovery Culture, Take It One Case at a Time

Discussions of civil justice reform often take place at a 30,000-foot level, with broad conversations about making our legal system more efficient, navigable and affordable. While we at IAALS, the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System at the University of Denver, strive to...

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