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How to Design Document Reviews To Cut Costs: it all starts with building the right workflow

Introduction: Aaron Fluss, the National Director of Managed Review for FRONTEO, talks about the value of creativity during document review and explains why, despite an explosion of data – and costs related to corralling all that data – technology can’t replace the human touch...

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The Ethical Hacker: Data, Disputes, Discovery and more...I Got 99 Problems, But No Data Ain’t One

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to meet with some senior in-house counsel from a Fortune 10 company. We were discussing data and the powerful ways analytics can be used in litigation. One of the attorneys appeared somewhat dismayed, saying that while analytics are amazing and she really wanted...

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E-discovery is About More Than Technology…It’s the People! Specialized service providers can offer advantages in cross-border litigation

Andy Jimenez, CEO and President of FRONTEO USA (formerly UBIC North America), is based in San Francisco and has been in the legal support field for 20 years. FRONTEO is a leading provider of e-discovery technology and managed review support services. MCC spoke with Mr. Jimenez about the company...

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