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Stories That Are Unique To The Legal Profession

Editor: Ted, I understand that you were recently named Wiley Rein’s first Pro Bono Partner. Why has the firm decided to concentrate one of their major efforts in one chair? Howard: We continue to have a pro bono committee, which was previously chaired by Paul Khoury, a partner in our...

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Aviation | Transportation

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Regulation: Challenges And Opportunities

Editor: Please tell us about your professional backgrounds. Senkowski: I am chair of the Telecommunications Group at Wiley Rein, but I also sit on the firm’s business development committees responsible for identifying and anticipating upcoming matters of importance to existing clients or...

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The Ever-Expanding Jurisdiction Of The FCPA

Editor: Would each of you tell our readers about the focus of your practices? Smith: I am a partner at Wiley Rein LLP and co-chair of the firm’s commercial litigation department. My practice focuses on internal investigations and compliance issues, as well as commercial litigation. I have...

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