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Department of Labor (DOL)

Minimizing Risk for Unpaid Overtime – U.S. Department of Labor Issues Guidance on Tracking Non-Exempt Employees’ Hours Worked While Teleworking

Accurately tracking hours worked by non-exempt employees for purposes of overtime pay has always been an area of potential risk for employers. The issue is thorny one because of how the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) defines what constitutes compensable hours worked for minimum wage and overtime pay purposes.

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In Some Court Cases, Tech Solutions Aren’t Enough

Kandice Hull, chair of the Litigation Group with McNees Wallace & Nurick, discusses how the criminal and civil court systems are coping with the “new normal” in the era of COVID-19 – and how she sees things playing out in the future.

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Negotiate Your Next Tech Contract Like a Pro

When it comes to outsourcing SaaS and other technology and data services, there are many laws, regulations and other details to consider, to avoid buyer’s remorse and limit liability.

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Betting on the Future of the Casino Industry

Frank Donaghue, Of Counsel with McNees Wallace & Nurick, discusses the effects of COVID-19 on the casino gaming industry, and how his work in the public and private sectors prepared him for a career in compliance.

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Does FAA Prevent States from Barring Mandatory Arbitration?

Recently enacted state laws that prevent employers from requiring mandatory arbitration for claims of sexual harassment by employees have been challenged as unconstitutional.

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As Technology Redefines the Meaning of Sports, Legal Questions Abound

Langdon Ramsburg, chair of the e-sports practice group at McNees Wallace & Nurick, discusses the burgeoning world of organized online gaming and the various legal questions surrounding it.

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Social Media Firestorms can Consume Reputations

When a patron storms out of a store over perceived mistreatment, do not confuse the lack of legal grounds for a discrimination claim with a free pass on the far greater reputational risks that outweigh the cost of any litigation.

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