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Food & Beverage

Slack-Fill Litigation Heats Up

Food and beverage companies should evaluate packaging sizes now. You know the feeling when you open a family-size box of candy – that you are not planning to share – and find it only about half full? Sure, the weight of the box and the pronounced rattle that could only be possible with...

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Automotive | Insurance

Removing Human Drivers: Anticipating changes to automobile insurance coverage

Phrases like “self-driving vehicles” and “automated driving” are making headlines as manufacturers continue to implement automation in vehicles. Automation involves the use of computers to control certain components involved in operating a vehicle, reducing the extent to...

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Making a Federal Case Out of It: When trade secrets go walking out the door, employers have a new vehicle to try to get them back

The reality for almost every business is that not all of its employees are going to be happy in their jobs and that, at any given time, one or more is going to be seeking greener pastures. Many times those pastures are owned by competitors, and any business owner or CEO who fails to anticipate and...

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What’s Worse Than Getting Phished? Getting Whaled: Five ways company execs can avoid the harpoon

The internet and electronic communications have given rise to a plethora of innovative new criminal activities, some of which have entered the common parlance: phishing and its more targeted cousin, spear-phishing, are chief among those schemes. Less well-known but still aptly named methods of...

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Is a Discharged Employee Still an Employee? This was the question the Pennsylvania Supreme Court had to answer after a terminated employee sought access to her file

The Pennsylvania Personnel Files Act (also known as the Inspection of Employment Records Law) grants employees in Pennsylvania, or their designated agents, the right to inspect certain portions of their personnel records. The act requires employers, upon an employee’s request, to permit the...

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Courts Grapple with the Challenges of Eminent Domain: Jurists struggle to strike a balance between property rights and public good

  The use of eminent domain has gained national attention in recent months. During a Republican primary debate last year, candidate Donald Trump stated, “Eminent domain is an absolute necessity.” During the primary, however, Trump also accused a rival, Jeb Bush, of improperly...

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This Proposed Change to the Federal Rules of Evidence Just Makes Sense: Self-authentication would make electronic discovery easier and cheaper

In response to concerns over the ever-increasing costs of electronic discovery, the federal bench and bar have worked over the last several years to adopt sensible amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Proposed amendments to Rule 902 will make it easier to authenticate certain kinds...

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