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Corporate Counsel

A Game Changer: How your company crafts and implements a compliance program makes all the difference

I learned in my undergraduate studies in criminal justice that the most successful deterrents to unlawful behavior are the likelihood of getting caught, the certainty of punishment, and the swiftness of the punishment. In 30 years, that has not changed, whether it involves street crime, white-...

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Lessen the Tax Bite When Selling a Business: Strategies to maximize cash out and avoid raising red flags with the IRS

When a business is sold, both the buyer and the seller endeavor to walk away with as much cash on hand as possible. The seller hopes to reap the rewards of years of hard work; the buyer hopes to secure enough cash to keep building the business. But often, lurking tax liabilities can get in the way...

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Diversity & Inclusion

Reasonable Accommodation in Cyberspace: Lawsuits challenge websites to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act

A growing number of lawsuits contend that commercial websites qualify as places of public accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and that the ADA therefore requires businesses to take reasonable efforts to make their websites accessible to disabled users. In federal court in...

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Big Shifts in EU Data Privacy Law: New privacy regulations abroad will have major consequences for U.S. companies

The European Parliament made international headlines in April when it enacted the General Data Protection Regulation, a revolutionary data privacy law that permits regulators to fine corporations in excess of €20 million for noncompliance. What’s more, companies without a physical...

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Healthcare | Life Sciences

The IRS’ Position on HRAs: How the Affordable Care Act and HRAs interact

The notice provides welcome guidance relating to HRAs that are an integral part of many employers’ group health programs. The latest installment of guidance from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) relating to employer-sponsored health plans was issued on December 16, 2015, in the form of IRS...

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Pro Bono Is a Professional Obligation – and More: Working with those who cannot afford representation reminds us all that the law is, above all, a helping profession

Reflecting on his long-time commitment to pro bono service, James P. DeAngelo of McNees has served as chair of the Dauphin County Bar Association’s Public Service Committee since 1997. Here, he discusses his child custody work and why pro bono is more than a professional obligation. His...

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Concept to Commercialization: Intellectual property and the path to market for medical device innovations

Patent lawyers enjoy a unique opportunity to preview what may be the next great thing in a field, often long before even the first prototype is made and tested. It is exciting and professionally satisfying, especially when working with inventors who create pioneering and sometimes life-altering...

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