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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Logistics: New Ways of Doing Old Things

As a trained logistician, Ron Leibman of McCarter & English cautions clients not to get caught up in supplier hype and puffing.

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The “Coded Gaze” of Facial Recognition Technology, Discrimination Lawsuits, and Your Insurance Program

J. Wylie Donald of McCarter & English discusses insurance coverage of potential discrimination claims in relation to facial recognition technology.

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Corporate Governance

Drafters, Nota Bene: A Review of Recent Changes in New Jersey Corporate Law with Drafting Implications

In 2018, the New Jersey State Legislature enacted significant changes to corporate law that, in the aggregate, mirror Delaware corporate law in relevant areas and were intended to make New Jersey a more competitive, business-friendly landscape. In 2019, we can expect to see the effects of those changes, with legal practitioners and their corporate clients increasingly taking advantage of the revisions...

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