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The “Coded Gaze” of Facial Recognition Technology, Discrimination Lawsuits, and Your Insurance Program

J. Wylie Donald of McCarter & English discusses insurance coverage of potential discrimination claims in relation to facial recognition technology.

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Infringing Lasagna? 3-D Printing Risks Innovative restaurants already use the technology – but is it all protected IP?

There are lots of risks in the restaurant business: bad food, unruly patrons, defective furniture. Fortunately, copying a recipe claimed by someone else is not one of them. Judges regularly close the courthouse doors on such claims, which, as a result, are few and far between. Until, that is, 3-D...

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Insurance Coverage & Recovery

Insurance Coverage For False Advertising Claims

Law schools, graduate schools and trade schools are under fire for supposed false advertising in connection with their employment data. Unable to find work, recent graduates are filing (or preparing to file) suit, claiming that they were induced to enroll by intentional or negligent...

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