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Oil & Gas

Over a Barrel, Fighting to Stay Afloat

David Sweeney and Sarah Schultz, partners with Akin Gump’s oil and gas and restructuring practice groups in Houston and Dallas, discuss the current state of the industry, and how oil and gas companies are navigating these turbulent times.

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EEOC Issues Updated Guidance on COVID-19 and Federal Disability Discrimination Laws

Esther Lander, Anastasia Marie Kerdock and James Crowley of Akin Gump discuss the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s new guidance regarding how employers can appropriately respond to COVID-19 as they relate to hiring new employees, protecting current ones and bringing them back to work.

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Federal Protections Against Liability for Businesses Combatting COVID-19

Anthony Pierce, Caroline Wolverton and Sina Kimiagar of Akin Gump discuss Federal emergency authorities targeting COVID-19 and how they provide important protections to businesses, as well as how future legislation and other government action may create additional protections. This contribution was recently published by Akin Gump as a litigation alert.

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Drone Technology Soars to Dizzying Heights Despite the Drag of Regulatory Uncertainty

Jennifer Richter is a partner at Akin Gump with an extensive background working in technology, media and telecommunications. Here, she discusses the innovative world of unmanned aerial vehicles, including the nascent regulatory landscape around this technology and the cooperative effort that will be needed to move it forward.

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Navigating the Cannabis Industry Gray Zone

Legal advice surrounding the regulatory status of cannabis and hemp-based products is a moving target, but Howard Sklamberg keeps his clients apace.

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Exciting Times for Energy Lawyers

Daniel Phillip Sinaiko and John Goodgame, partners with Akin Gump, talk about the state of the energy industry - and describe how capital is flowing towards new opportunities in the current environment.

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Patent | Technology

As Technology Accelerates, Patent Law Keeps Apace

Andrew Holtman and Brandon Rash, partners in the intellectual property practice at Akin Gump, discuss the current state of patent litigation, including some ways that new technologies are altering the legal landscape.

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