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Top 10 Topics for Directors in 2019

CCBJ takes a look at Akin Gump’s annual list of issues and topics that will get significant attention in corporate boardrooms this year, drawn from the full report and edited for length and style. For more details, visit

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Taking Stock of the Surge of Deals in Oil & Gas

David Sweeney and Andrew Lehman, partners in the oil and gas practice at Akin Gump, have different – but complementary – specialties. Sweeney focuses on acquisitions and development, while Lehman works on mergers and acquisitions. We spoke to them about the recent surge of deals in the oil and gas sector, and how recent regulatory developments in the United States and abroad could impact the industry’s outlook going forward.

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Renewable Energy Welcomes All Comers

For investors and companies looking for renewable opportunities to back, lower but more reliable returns are rewarding. Akin Gump’s John Marciano and Daniel Sinaiko explain why.

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Fast Take: Minimizing Settlement Risk in Cryptocurrency Transactions

  Seeking liquidity, confidentiality and reduced slippage, large market participants have pushed the over-the-counter (OTC) cryptocurrency exchange volume to exceed, by some estimates, $12 billion daily. With settlement fees starting in the low single digits, as a percentage of trade size, and...

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Private Equity

Unique Experience Means Unique Insight Into Investment Management

  Akin Gump's Trey Muldrow and Fadi Samman have a combined 40 years of experience in corporate and investment management law. Here, they discuss the ways the two practice areas work together at Akin Gump, as well as some of the finer points of various primary and secondary market...

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Cyber's Singular Nature: Spanning Industries, Boundaries and Precedent

  Akin Gump's Michelle Reed and Natasha Kohne stress the importance of knowing the myriad privacy obligations that affect a company, as well as the regulators that enforce them. CCBJ: Let’s start off with some background about you and your practices. Natasha Kohne: Michelle and I co-...

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Career Development

Help Wanted: Seeking Really Smart Lawyers Who Are Really Good People

  Akin Gump hiring partner David Botter discusses the firm's quest for exceptional talent. Spoiler alert: One size does not fit all. CCBJ: Tell us about Akin Gump’s culture and the spirit of your hiring process. David Botter: We've always had a sincere interest in the development...

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