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Corporate Governance

The Unanticipated Costs of BYOD Programs

With many companies increasingly allowing – and in many cases encouraging – the use of personal devices for work-related matters, a recent CCBJ webinar called attention to the importance of implementing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy.

The iPhone debuted in 2007...

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Career Development

CLO Will Play a Pivotal Role in Industry Transformation

Veta T. Richardson, president and CEO of the Association of Corporate Counsel, looks at the impact of technology, diversity and career development within the legal profession.

CCBJ: You’ve worked with thousands of in-house counsel. Looking ahead, what do you think will be the most positive...

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Corporate Counsel

Influencing the C-Suite: Advice for in-house counsel on the fine arts of influence and persuasion

For in-house counsel, convincing colleagues in the C-suite —or in the rest of the company, for that matter —is rarely a simple matter of saying, “Do it. I’m the lawyer.” Influence and persuasion require strategic thinking, a deep understanding of a company’s...

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