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Corporate Counsel

Influencing the C-Suite: Advice for in-house counsel on the fine arts of influence and persuasion

For in-house counsel, convincing colleagues in the C-suite —or in the rest of the company, for that matter —is rarely a simple matter of saying, “Do it. I’m the lawyer.” Influence and persuasion require strategic thinking, a deep understanding of a company’s...

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Career Development

The Power of Authentic Storytelling: The path to leadership for women in law is bumpy – better get going

Successful, powerful, dynamic leaders do not mysteriously appear in the C-suite fully formed as perfect leaders. Megan Belcher of ConAgra Foods encourages women lawyers to seek out the stories about the paths to leadership from those leaders – the struggles, risks, and triumphs – and...

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Board of Directors

Board Composition - The Unfinished Symphony: The art of building an engaged, diverse and harmonious corporate board

Board composition is a hot topic. At a time when serving as a corporate director is more demanding than ever, it’s also more important than ever for boards to recruit and retain diverse directors – in the broadest sense of the word – to challenge the management team with fresh...

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