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A Call for Guidance: Tip credit uncertainty burdens vital NYC restaurant industry

Restaurant owners located in New York City are left in the difficult position of interpreting the rules on the federal tip credit. The New York City Department of Finance has not issued clear and definitive guidelines on how to treat the federal tip credit as it relates to New York City taxable...

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The Application of State Sales Tax in a Digital World: Considerations for Corporate Counsel

Corporate IT purchasing decisions will largely be driven by operational requirements and profit/cost analysis. State sales and gross receipts tax implications are routinely overlooked in the purchasing analysis. They should never be. Sales and gross receipts taxes often represent a substantial...

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Andersen Global Expands in Europe Offering Legal Services

MCC: Joe, thank you for arranging to have your partners available to discuss the services they can provide to in-house counsel in Europe. In the U.S., Andersen Tax provides tax consultation, tax advisory and valuation services. What is different in Europe? Toce: In Europe it is very common for...

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