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Are Government-Incentivized Renewable Energy Programs Hanging In The Breeze?

Climate change concerns drove a populist push to expand the use of renewables in the energy sector, and governments worldwide have largely incentivized the industry’s expansion in recent years. The question is, would the loss of tax incentives take the wind out of the renewable energy...

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An Exciting Tax Year Appears Imminent: Proposals suggest major legislative action, but much remains unclear

Introduction: President-elect Donald Trump has indicated that one of his priorities is comprehensive tax reform and lower individual and business tax rates. Leaders of the Republican-controlled Congress have expressed similar views. Accordingly, comprehensive tax reform in 2017 is a real...

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Big Changes Loom for Executive Compensation: Employers should not defer action on amendments with major implications for deferred payment plans

Although longstanding guidance under Section 409A of the Internal Revenue Code governs the use of deferred compensation to incentivize executives, proposed amendments are raising significant issues. Below, Charles A. Bruder, an executive compensation expert, discusses the changes and what they mean...

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