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Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)

Five Key Steps to Proactive Bondholder Communications

Don’t Ignore Debt

Bonds have become a relatively inexpensive way to raise capital. U.S. corporate debt levels continue to reach historic heights as corporations take advantage of the protracted period of low interest rates and strong investor demand for risk-averse yield. According to...

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As Countries Coordinate Enforcement, Extend Your Risk Management Reach

Effective enterprise risk management requires an embedded risk-based approach, says AlixPartners’ Meaghan Schmidt.

CCBJ: What are some of the current DOJ and SEC enforcement priorities that general counsel should be aware of, and how are you seeing investigations play out?

Meaghan Schmidt:...

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Antitrust & Competition

Antitrust in the Trump Administration: New Landscape, Still Enforcing

A year into President Donald J. Trump’s term, the administration’s antitrust enforcement agenda has begun to take shape, with some moves that suggest more aggressive enforcement than is typically expected in a Republican administration. At the same time, Congressional Democrats have...

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