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Real Estate

Finding the Perfect Site Is Just the Start

Five steps to help you turn a land development vision into a reality.

Finding the perfect location on which to build a facility to house operations may seem like the most challenging part of a project. After all, selecting and acquiring the right property can be difficult, particularly in...

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Legal Operations

Benchmarking Spurs Creative Thinking on Fees

LexisNexis’ Kris Satkunas looks at data-driven insights into legal departments’ billing and law firm consolidation activities.

CCBJ: The LexisNexis annual CounselLink report has become a useful benchmarking tool for legal departments. Tell us a little about its history and how it...

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Legal Operations

Corporate Legal Departments, Expected to Be More Like Other Units, Face a Sea Change

Jonah Paransky of Wolters Kluwer’s ELM Solutions explains how law departments will deliver value with operational rigor. His remarks have been edited for length and style.

CCBJ: How has the corporate legal department’s role expanded beyond its traditional responsibilities?


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