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E-Discovery: Report from the Front Lines of the Digital Revolution

Advancing technology is enabling real process change in document review, says TCDI’s Caragh Landry.

CCBJ: Technology is changing document review. What advancements are you seeing?

Caragh Landry: Technology- assisted review, or TAR, was one of the first true attempts at using technology to...

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Legal Operations

Will It Be Easy to Implement and Upgrade Your ELM Solution?

Legal departments should consider service and methodologies, as well as the technology itself.

When corporate legal departments consider their options for enterprise legal management (ELM) systems and providers, it’s easy to focus on dazzling product demos. However, an ELM technology provider...

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Legal Operations

Get Analytical, Get Better Legal Results

When creating a vendor management process, consider these best practices.

Every company wants the best results from their legal partners, but when evaluating the performance of multiple outside law firms, it can be difficult to know where to start. Understanding how well each of the firms on your...

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