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Expanding Roles and Comfort Zones: How Corporate Counsel Can Meet Data Imperatives Head-On


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As corporate data imperatives converge and evolve, corporate legal professionals are increasingly called upon to engage with a growing list of stakeholders to advise on everything from technology, security, and workflows to defensibility. The proliferation of often overlapping data initiatives and the tools and solutions to address them can sometimes seem overwhelming.

In this webcast, an expert panel will provide insight into how in-house counsel can:

  • Leverage synergies among corporate stakeholders to ensure alignment across different teams
  • Tie initiatives to cross-functional strategies, reporting and budgets
  • Make well-informed decisions about the efficacy and defensibility of solutions proposed for data initiatives in the enterprise


  • Mira Edelman, Senior Corporate Counsel, DISH Network
  • Kimberly Quan, Global Head of E-Discovery and Digital Forensic Investigations, Juniper Networks
  • Karla Wehbe, Director, Legal and Compliance Business Solutions, H