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Board of Directors

The General Counsel’s Role in Building Better Boards

KPMG’s Susan Angele offers perspectives on working with boards and increasing their diversity.

CCBJ: How would you describe the role of the general counsel or chief legal officer in relation to the board?

Susan Angele: The role is very strategic, and it's interesting because it's one...

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Keeping Up with Healthcare: One Company’s Story

Sandy Leung, Bristol-Myers Squibb’s EVP & GC, explains how her company is keeping up with changes in healthcare and pharma – and the impact these changes are having on her legal department.

CCBJ: The pace of change and the level of complexity across the global legal and regulatory...

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Career Development

She Took an Unusual Path to An Unusually Valuable Skillset

DLA’s Stasia Kelly is a legal first responder – rushing toward disaster, not away from it.

CCBJ: Your career path, it’s fair to say, has been out of the ordinary. Early on, you were with Wilmer Hale. Talk about how you got started in law.

Stasia Kelly: I went to law school at...

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