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Dodd-Frank’s Unintended Consequences: Lawsuits Seeking To Enjoin Say-On-Pay And Equity Plan Shareholder Votes

Section 951 of the Dodd-Frank Act requires public companies to hold an advisory shareholder vote on executive compensation at least once every three years, and most public companies are now holding annual votes. In imposing this periodic requirement, Congress made clear that shareholder say-on-...

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Executive Compensation: Issues And Answers

Editor: Please describe your practice. Schachter: It’s a comprehensive employee benefits and executive compensation practice. I do both qualified and non-qualified executive compensation as well as broad-based employee benefit plans, equity compensation plans, a lot of executive...

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Civil Justice

State Courts: At The Forefront Of The United States Justice System

LCJ: What is the condition of state court systems, and why is this an important issue? Lippman: The courts, especially state courts, are essential to our system of government and our way of life. They are pillars in our society and should be as high a priority as are other institutions, such as...

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