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Say On Pay: Analyzing The Second Year Of Shareholder Votes

Executive compensation levels at public companies have been the focus of media headlines for a number of years. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 (Dodd-Frank) requires that public companies conduct shareholder advisory votes on executive compensation, generally...

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DRI: A Strong Voice Of The Defense Bar, A Strong Advocate For The U.S. Judicial System

Editor: Tell us about your practice and your history with DRI. Martin: I have been a defense lawyer for over 30 years, handling primarily cases involving airlines, aviation products, and pharmaceutical products and defending law firms in legal malpractice cases. I do some commercial litigation...

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Bankruptcy & Restructuring

FDIC Issues Final Rule On Orderly Liquidation Authority

On July 6, 2011, the FDIC issued a final rule (the "Final Rule") to implement certain provisions of its orderly liquidation authority to resolve covered financial companies (including nonbank financial companies) under Title II of the Dodd-Frank Act. The Final Rule is a culmination of...

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