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Andrea Looney Named Executive Director Of Lawyers For Civil Justice

As a partnership of leading corporate counsel and defense bar practitioners, LCJ forges alliances among its members and works to restore and maintain balance in the civil justice system. The LCJ Board of Directors unanimously voted in favor of bringing Andrea on to lead LCJ into a new era of...

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Message To Corporate Counsel From Lawyers For Civil Justice (LCJ): Please Express Your Support For Proposed Rules Governing E-Discovery No Later Than February 15

Barry Bauman is the Executive Director of Lawyers for Civil Justice (LCJ). Editor’s Note: Links to underlined references can be found on the version of this article on our website at On August 15, 2013, the Federal Civil Rules Advisory Committee...

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Civil Justice

Why Rule Reform? Why Now?

On December 5, the general counsel of four major American corporations urgently called upon their outside counsel to fully engage in the ongoing effort to support the proposed revisions to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure pertaining to discovery and e-discovery. Their clarion call, issued...

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Growing Litigation Discovery Costs Propel Congressional Hearings

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LCJ Submits Formal Comment To Support Beneficial Revision Of E-Discovery Rules

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