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Social Networking, Mobile Devices And The Cloud:The Newest Frontiers Of Privacy Law

Social networking, mobile devices, and cloud computing are enabling new forms of commerce and communication. In turn, businesses, regulators, and courts are confronting the expanded role of social media and cloud services in litigation and investigations and particularly the privacy issues raised...

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A Cross-Border Practice With A Dash Of Microfinance

Editor: Please tell our readers about yourself and your practice. Grikscheit: The focus of my practice is international transactions and alternative investment funds. Historically most of my cross-border transactions have involved Latin America, but my practice has expanded to other emerging...

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Scheduled Maintenance

Businesses perform regularly scheduled maintenance on computer networks, vehicle fleets, and manufacturing equipment; why not your patent portfolio?You may be missing opportunities to focus your patenting efforts, generate revenue, and save money. Companies file patent applications for a...

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