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Managing Data-Privacy Risk and Compliance in a Hyperconnected World

Andrew Shaxted of FTI Consulting is a global dataprivacy expert with a background in technology and global risk-management program implementation. We talked to him about what companies can do to manage data-privacy risk and compliance, both from a business standpoint and a technical one.

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Litigation in the Digital Health Revolution

Our society is currently in the midst of a digital health revolution – a shift in the way we track, access, leverage and act upon our health data. Much of what has been predicted, such as the ability for artificial intelligence to proactively diagnose and make treatment decisions based on the...

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Legal Operations

Managing the Triangle Globally

Don’t focus on just the technology at the expense of people and processes.

One of the key challenges any law department in a global corporation faces is implementing a consistent playbook across all matters from any geography. And one of the traps many people fall into, notes Daryl Teshima,...

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