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Intergovernmental Tax Agreements Yield Results

Recently proposed regulations by the IRS are intended to further ease and clarify reporting requirements under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act.

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Opportunity Zones: A Win-Win for Investors and Communities

An Opportunity Fund investment must make sense for the specific situation.

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Fast Take: Cryptocurrency Taxation

  Cryptocurrency: It’s mysterious, volatile and all over the news. In 2017 the value of bitcoin went from about $800 early in the year to almost $20,000. But the government is just starting to take a closer look. The Internal Revenue Service classifies virtual currency as property and...

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Fast Take: Governance & Controls for Robotic Processes

  Consider creating a Center of Excellence, or center of business outcomes, that is representative of professionals from the business, internal audit, risk and technology departments. As new ‘bots’ – robotic processes – are designed, individuals from each of these areas...

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Hedge Funds | Private Equity

To Help Businesses Pursue Global Opportunities, Be Mindful of Local Culture and Characteristics

  Timothy Speiss, partner-in-charge of Eisner’s personal wealth and Asia practices, discusses the challenges and opportunities in global business expansion.​ CCBJ: Describe your background and current practice for our readers. Tim Speiss: I’ve been practicing in the tax and...

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Start Assessing Your Company's Risk: GCs collaborate with IT to develop a cybersecurity risk framework

Nick Barone, co-practice leader of EisnerAmper’s Consulting Group, has over 20 years of industry experience leading computer investigations and cybersecurity incidence response – breach of data and breach response. He has led teams to respond to data breaches as well as to provide...

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How to Spot Financial Statement Fraud: It helps to know the common schemes and the red flags that often accompany them

Reliable financial reporting is the backbone of the global equity and finance markets. It helps to ensure that companies and organizations comply with relevant standards and regulations, in addition to providing investors and third parties with information on the current financial health of a...

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