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Civil Justice

How Did They Get That Number? An expert witness talks about the art of calculating damages in IP litigation

Dana Trexler Smith leads EisnerAmper’s forensic services practice in Philadelphia. With an MBA from The Wharton School and a background in accounting, she provides expert testimony on damages in IP disputes. It’s a job that requires her to keep current on changes in the law and court...

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The Art & Science of Tax Carryovers: Section 382 studies are far too important to leave to amateurs

Introduction: Many companies get tangled up in Section 382 of the U.S. Tax Code governing the handling of tax carryovers when there’s been a change of ownership. EisnerAmper tax partner Jeffrey Kelson, a Section 382 expert, below walks us through the intricacies of Section 382 studies and...

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Regulatory & Compliance

Doing Business with the Government – Importance of Accounting Compliance: Be well-prepared to meet all compliance requirements

Doing business with the government can be a winning strategy. It is not, however, easy. Below, Anthony Faugno, an authority on government contracting with EisnerAmper, discusses the promise and the peril of working with the government in remarks that have been edited for length and style. ...

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Gaming | Hospitality | Technology

Increase the Odds of Licensing Success: Leveraging a brand in the gaming industry can be a lucrative bet with proper controls in place

The value of intellectual property in the marketplace is ever expanding, and when you consider licensing, that value could have a very precise dollar figure attached. Licensing arrangements can provide corporations with a handsome additional revenue stream, one outside of their core business, and...

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Avoiding International Taxation Pitfalls: Transfer pricing has emerged as a key component of overall business strategy. Is it part of yours?

The long established prior understanding of transfer pricing is in the midst of a global revolution. As discussed below, transfer pricing is no longer just a tax compliance matter for larger multinationals but has far-reaching implications for any cross-border transactions between related parties....

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Balancing Revenue Against Risk: Education and zero tolerance for deficiencies are key

John Pennett’s Life Sciences practice at EisnerAmper ranges from fledgling companies in incubators to global pharmaceuticals, but his insights here on implementing compliance controls, assessing reputational risk and vetting third-party vendors are widely applicable. His remarks have been...

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When Organic Growth Hits the Ceiling: Risk and compliance are key considerations for food and beverage companies in search of new avenues of expansion

Richard R. Colloca of EisnerAmper has spent over 20 years advising various clients in the food and beverage industry. Here, he discusses the challenges facing a heavily regulated sector that is searching for new paths to growth. His remarks have been edited for length and style.   MCC: Please...

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