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The Many Challenges of Doing Business in China: Opportunities abound – as do regulatory and compliance risks

MCC: The robustness of the China transactional market has got to be good news for your Hong Kong office. Puff: Yes, but it’s not without its volatility. The business climate so far this year has been affected by uncertainty in the market, particularly the stock market. In both Shanghai...

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Cybersecurity | Information Governance | Insurance Coverage & Recovery

Buying Cyberinsurance Helps Uncover System Weaknesses

MCC: Let's start big. What are the most pressing cybersecurity risks facing corporations today? Reed: The biggest risk in my view is the head-in-the-sand mentality of too many companies, wherein companies acknowledge the issue, hand it off to the IT department, and then check it off the list....

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Life Sciences

A Slow-Moving Animal: The 150-year evolution of the law of patentable subject matter

MCC: We just passed the three-year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Mayo v. Prometheus. How much of a game-changer is this case? Maslowski: The law tends to be a slow-moving animal, so at this point, it’s still hard to say whether Mayo is a big game-changer. Its impact...

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Finance | Private Equity | Transportation

Transport Infrastructure – A Hot Ticket: Despite political uncertainty, interest in rail and road projects remains high

MCC: What is driving the demand for transportation infrastructure projects in the U.S.? Lent: A number of factors contribute to a recognized need to invest in infrastructure. One is the importance of a reliable transportation network to the U.S. economy in terms of moving goods to and from U.S...

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Regulation in the Medical Device Industry: FDA insider lays out the issues

MCC: During your tenure at the FDA, there was a strong focus on medical product safety. What prompted such attention? Brown: Over the course of my time at the FDA in a couple different capacities starting in 2010, the issue of medical product safety, including medical device safety, was a...

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Regulatory & Compliance

Communications and Technology 2015 Forecast

Communications and technology regulators have fertile ground for issues under consideration in 2015, including: A new net neutrality proposal from the FCC Continuing work on the broadcast incentive auction (BIA) New spectrum bands for wireless broadband service In aviation,...

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Board of Directors

Top 10 Topics for Directors

Top 10 Topics for Directors Strategic Planning Challenges: For the fourth year in a row, strategic planning tops the list. Overseeing the company’s direction is a core board responsibility, often requiring directors to step back and look at the company’s business from the...

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