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Board of Directors

Do Not Let ISS Go Overboard: Limiting board members to four seats is a disservice to companies and the members themselves

Institutional Shareholder Services, Inc. (ISS) employs a lot of very smart people with great intentions, but sometimes, they just need help.  On October 26, 2015, ISS proposed three changes to its voting policies for U.S. issuers for the 2016 proxy season, including a proposal to reduce the...

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Patchwork of Rules Defines International M&A: A primer on increased interagency cooperation, dawn raids, and heightened regulatory security

MCC: You’re renowned for your encyclopedic knowledge of the laws of competition and merger control in the EU and UK. Of the many reforms in competition law in recent years, what has been the single most important change affecting mergers, acquisitions and other corporate transactions? Garrod...

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U.S.-India: High-Energy Cooperation

MCC: The history of energy cooperation between the U.S. and India goes back to at least the 1950s and includes landmarks such as USAID’s support of India’s first nuclear power plant at Tarapur in 1969. From your varying perspectives, Mr. Varma as an advisor to sovereigns, including...

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The Many Challenges of Doing Business in China: Opportunities abound – as do regulatory and compliance risks

MCC: The robustness of the China transactional market has got to be good news for your Hong Kong office. Puff: Yes, but it’s not without its volatility. The business climate so far this year has been affected by uncertainty in the market, particularly the stock market. In both Shanghai...

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Cybersecurity | Information Governance | Insurance Coverage & Recovery

Buying Cyberinsurance Helps Uncover System Weaknesses

MCC: Let's start big. What are the most pressing cybersecurity risks facing corporations today? Reed: The biggest risk in my view is the head-in-the-sand mentality of too many companies, wherein companies acknowledge the issue, hand it off to the IT department, and then check it off the list....

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Life Sciences

A Slow-Moving Animal: The 150-year evolution of the law of patentable subject matter

MCC: We just passed the three-year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Mayo v. Prometheus. How much of a game-changer is this case? Maslowski: The law tends to be a slow-moving animal, so at this point, it’s still hard to say whether Mayo is a big game-changer. Its impact...

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Finance | Private Equity | Transportation

Transport Infrastructure – A Hot Ticket: Despite political uncertainty, interest in rail and road projects remains high

MCC: What is driving the demand for transportation infrastructure projects in the U.S.? Lent: A number of factors contribute to a recognized need to invest in infrastructure. One is the importance of a reliable transportation network to the U.S. economy in terms of moving goods to and from U.S...

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