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Survey: Thomson Reuters’ 2021 State of Corporate Law Departments

This looks at the bright side of a global pandemic that turned the world upside down. “The after-effects of 2020 will likely contain as many positives as negatives,” says the Executive Summary. Especially noteworthy is a list of the 10 most effective ways to control outside counsel spend, as identified by corporate law departments. Perched high above the other nine, with 81% of respondents citing it, is “general enforcement of billing guidelines and reduction of invoice fees and expenses.” From there we get standard discounts on rack rates (32%); regular budget review (51%), volume discounts (45%) and, at #10, preferred panel programs (28%). Check out the entire top 10 and the whole report here.

Newsletter: Around the CLOC

This missive, from Betsi Roach, executive director of the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium, is worth a look. Using CLOC’s regular Around the CLOC newsletter, she calls attention to a wealth of legal ops resources CLOC unveiled during the pandemic. “Over the past year,” she writes, “CLOC found new ways to provide education, drive connections, and make progress on our shared vision of industry transformation.” One of the resources she highlights is called “Community Connect,” a dedicated online space for members to connect, learn and collaborate. Another is “In-House Huddle,” which is triggered when an In-House Forum conversation gathers enough momentum that CLOC schedules a virtual meeting to keep the buzz building.

More from the CCBJ Blog

More from the CCBJ Blog