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THRIVE: Leadership, Culture & Change

According to the ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs and the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, more than 45% of attorneys experience depression during careers in the legal field. The study, led by Patrick Krill, founder and principal of Krill Strategies, features in this THRIVE webcast hosted by CCBJ earlier this year, discussed by leaders that are driving cultural change to provide solutions.

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Urgency, Proportionality and a Sense of Our Shared Humanity

Rena Reiss, executive vice president and general counsel with Marriott International, discusses her leadership style, what she looks for in new hires, and how her career has come full circle with a second stint at Marriott.

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Legal Tech

From Azure to Zoimas: Where to Find Relevant Information—And How to Collect It

Whether it’s cloud storage, “smart” devices in the home, fitness wearables, social media, or chat applications, there are too many data streams for counsel to singlehandedly manage. Watch this CCBJ webcast to achieve an understanding of the complexities associated with the identification of potentially relevant information from these emerging sources.

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News & Announcements

Corporate Counsel Business Journal announces the Inaugural Thrive Webcast Series

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CCBJ & GC Metrics Benchmark Survey: 2018 Staffing & Spending

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USPTO Announces Plan To Open Regional Office In Silicon Valley

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