Law Firms: Now is the Time for Client-Centric Tech Roadmaps

Prof. William Henderson’s Legal Evolution blog recently ran a piece by a pair of Thomson Reuters executives, Carlos Gámez, Client & Partner Lead for Legal Technology Innovation, and Carly Toward, Senior Director of Proposition Strategy, analyzing the tension between the short-term thinking of sellers – law firms – and the needs of buyers – corporate legal departments.

Their goal is to make the case that the time is ripe for law firms to develop and implement client-centric tech roadmaps – roadmaps that mirror what clients are already doing for themselves. As in-house teams have grown, so have cost pressures, forcing legal departments to become more sophisticated in their engagement with outside counsel and in their use of technology. For law firms seeking to enhance their engagement with in-house counsel, it’s useful to focus on the pain points associated with the areas of accountability described in the chart below.

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More from the CCBJ Blog